Participate in RHYMES’ activities for National Runaway Prevention Month!

november is national runaway and homeless month

Listen to the official NRS Podcast here

During November’s National Runaway Prevention Month, Runaway Homeless Youth Mediation and Emergency Services (RHYMES), Inc. will engage with the La Crosse community to increase awareness of runaway and homeless youth in our community and to inform the community of the services and resources RHYMES provides. Some of the activities are organized by RHYMES and others can be accessed online at the national level. 

Light The Night  RHYMES asks local businesses/organizations/residents to use green light bulbs for outdoor lights (porch/entryway/stoop/etc). This lets youth and the community know that your organization recognizes youth in the community are experiencing homelessness and that you may have resources (from RHYMES) to share with those in need. 

Green Footprint Window Clings & Green awareness ribbons 
RHYMES will provide green window cling footprints and ribbons with safety pins. The footprints can be be placed in organization windows and ribbons can be pinned

Commitment Cards 
Show your support for ending youth homelessness by completing a “commitment card” (paper with a message on how you can support runaway and homeless youth). Post a photo of it on social media (your organization’s FB page, Instagram, etc.). Or record a short video explaining to friends and followers how you plan to support runaway and homeless youth. Be sure to hold your commitment card on camera and use the hashtag #NRPM2023 in your post. 

Education Week
All week, the National Runaway Safeline (1-800-RUNAWAY/1-800- 783-2929) leads an online educational series to inform the public about runaway and homeless youth issues. They provide current statistics, explore existing issues, and touch upon the challenges of navigating different systems. Connect with the National Runaway Safeline on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, LinkedIn, and TikTok ahead of time to join the conversation. 

Wear Green Day! 
Dress in green to show your support for NRPM and post pictures on social media with a message about your commitment to youth who have run away or are experiencing homelessness. 

NOVERMBER 17: From 2:00pm-4:00pm
Soft Open House
RHYMES will host a “soft open house” to raise awareness of National Runaway Prevention Month and runaways and youth experiencing homelessness. Organizations, community members, and government officials are invited to participate in the event! Mayor Mitch Reynolds will read a NRPM Proclamation at 3:30. Other speakers are welcome to share experiences and/or share about efforts to support runaway and homeless youth in the La Crosse area. 

Please contact us if you’d like RHYMES to drop off materials (RHYMES cards, flyers/posters, green footprint window clings, awareness ribbons) at your organization/business.